Our Marketing Automation practices increase a marketers ability to deliver targeted campaigns at the right time.

Professional expertise in Sales and Marketing Funnel Development

Our highly-skilled and heavily-certified consultants have provided development, support, integration for hundreds of marketing automation instances regionally and globally. Contact LEAD2CRM to harness the full-power of the tools utilized in your organization.

Our Sales Automation eliminates mundane, repetitive data logging and allows your talented salespeople to focus on closing leads.

Sales Force Automation fed by marketing automation workflow integrations

LEAD2CRM is named appropriately because we integrate marketing automation leads with your CRM is to cut costs and to gain productivity. By integrating your systems, you will be creating accountability for both organizations. Marketing organizations can see exactly what is going on with the leads they are producing through reporting and ROI of campaigns and the sales organization is only receiving the most qualified leads based on the behavioral lead score agreed upon by both organizations.

Meet our Team comprised only of Seasoned & Decorated Veterans in the Sales & Marketing Automation space

Our top-tier consultants all have 10-years of marketing automation experience or more

In the early days, it was referred to as "Demand Generation"; however, some of our team members were doing Marketing Automation long before we even knew it was a thing by writing custom programming languages to achieve similar goals in homegrown databases. in 2007, when Eloqua invented the marketing automation SaaS database and our staff of consultants became the earliest adopters of the tool and her the certifications to match.

Learn About the CEO of the consultancy with a unique approach to customer service

Our CEO believes in providing a personalized relationship with our clients

After working for several years in corporate and under several agencies throughout his career, Nick McGirr believes that agencies tend to grow too large and lose sight of what matters to their customers. His vision is to provide an uncompromised quality of service, attention to detail and a personal touch. Our agency offers top-tier customer service with no middlemen and direct access to our consultants. With LEAD2CRM, the project is never done at 5 o'clock--we are available around the clock and do not outsource.