Customer State Marketing is the key to sending a stage-appropriate communication to an existing customer at the right time to advance the customer towards a goal or to deepen the relationship thus prolonging the consumer and business alliance.

Customer State Marketing models the existing customer state through synchronized CRM integration and marketing automation workflows. An outbound campaign and its workflow then verify the communication is appropriate to send, relative to the customer-stage in the sales cycle–preventing the send of conflicting messages.

Examples of communications handled by the use of Customer State Marketing:

  1. Prevents the automated send of a renewal notice to a customer that has expressed the desire to not renew their contract. Instead, the customer is sent down a nurture path to rebuild that relationship and the account manager is notified to follow up
  2. A customer that has reported they are unhappy with their last customer service interaction triggers a notification to the assigned representative
  3. Verifies the stage of the customer before a discount promotion is offered to the leads in the marketing database, thereby preventing the communication to a existing contact that is already deep in an active sales cycle–which would have undercut the existing sales opportunity.
  4. Service completion and post-sales events can trigger surveys. Negative responses can send an alert to an account manager to follow up