Client Representation for Sales Force Automation (SFA) Vendor Selection

Acquiring Sales Automation

It has now come your executive-level attention that the company needs sales automation to efficiently support demand generation of marketing qualified leads to the sales team.

We are a sales automation agency that provides a vendor-agnostic approach for Client Representation for companies researching the best-fitting Sales Automation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform.

Has your company outgrown it's existing CRM?

Did your company subscribe to a sales automation platform only to discover the chosen platform isn't adequate for the business due to software limitations, pricing or lack of expert support? LEAD2CRM can help you adapt to the best-fitting vendor for your business needs and budget.

Transition isn't as scary as the vendor would like you to believe...

  1. Avoid the vendor lock-in and allow the experts at LEAD2CRM help migrate your data into the appropriate sales automation software for your business.
  2. Use our services to determine the right platform based on the budget, functionality and staff requirements to operate the system.