Oracle Eloqua Gets a Face-Lift with New GUI

Marketing Orchestration is here!

Oracle Marketing Cloud, also known as Oracle Eloqua, is getting a new GUI make-over! Here's what to expect:

  • The new interface is cleaner, easier to understand and has meaningful dashboards while matching with the Oracle collateral material seen throughout their other applications. Customers can try out the new interface by opening a service request ticket and requesting the new GUI. You will have the opportunity to switch back if you choose to do so.
  • Program Builder becomes Program Canvas. Expect to see an administration-heavy tool for solution architects with a interface similar to Campaign Canvas
  • Marketing Automation gets a new buzzword in the top toolbar, "Marketing Orchestration"
  • A responsive version of Eloqua Engage and Eloqua Profiler
  • The original Cloud Components and Cloud Connectors from pre-Oracle acquisition are scheduled to be deprecated (July 1, 2016) and replaced with the newer Oracle Cloud Marketplace editions. Your company will need to update your landing pages, canvases, programs that use these cloud computing tools before December 31, 2016. CONTACT US FOR HELP!

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